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Dolby Atmos and Reaper – How to make it happen

➡️➡️ Check the Pro Mix Academy video WITH TEMPLATE:- https://youtu.be/-vZRJC5wjmw ➡️➡️Join the HPS Discord:- rel=”nofollow”>https://discord.gg/3bykYUD ➡️➡️ Support us on Patreon! – https://www.patreon.com/HopPoleStudios ➡️➡️ Check out our ULTIMATE GUIDE TO REAPER with Pro Mix Academy:- https://hoppole.co/reaper 🔌🔌What gear to buy? We recommend interfaces, microphones, monitors and more at our Thomann (Europe) and Sweetwater (USA) links below … Read more

Every Celestion Speaker Compared! – Clean, Crunch, Metal….

Get the Celestion Plus IRs here:- http://hoppole.co/celestion Get the real Celestion Speakers from Thomann here:- rel=”nofollow”>http://hoppole.co/CelestionThomann Get our Ultimate Reaper DAW Guide here:- http://hoppole.co/reaper Support our work on Patreon:- http://hoppole.co/patreon Detailed Timestamps:- http://hoppole.co/CelestionTimes In this video, we’re comparing 26 different speakers from Celestion – including the Vintage 30, Greenback, Copperback, Creamback, Redback and many more. … Read more

Austrian Audio HiX55 – the NS10s of Headphones ??

★ GEAR WE USE A LOT ★ Audient Small Audio Interface http://hoppole.co/EVO4 Audient Medium Audio Interface rel=”nofollow”>http://hoppole.co/iD44 Preamp Bank http://hoppole.co/ASP800 Best Vocal Mic http://hoppole.co/SlateML1 Affordable Vocal Mic http://hoppole.co/440Pure Clip On Mic http://hoppole.co/SmartLav Portable mic recorder http://hoppole.co/ZoomH1N Mixing Headphones http://hoppole.co/HiX55 Best DI for Guitar http://hoppole.co/J48 Reamp Box http://hoppole.co/ProRMP Valve Amp Loadbox http://hoppole.co/Captor8 Virtual Cabinet Simulator http://hoppole.co/CabM … Read more