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The Studio

Hi, I’m Adam Steel and I run the Hop Pole Recording Studio in Greater Manchester, based in Ashton-under-lyne. We are dedicated to combining modern production with classic principles in order for you to create your own Classic recordings with efficiency. Our recording techniques mean that you can record in the most relaxed and efficient way possible to make your experience everything you want it to be.

We are easy to get to no matter where you are travelling from – with the bus station, the train station and the Metrolink being so close, as well as motorway links to the studio.

We built our studio from the ground up, turning a hundered-year-old beer cellar into a fully isolated soundproof studio. We designed the space exactly as we needed so you could have the best experience with the best results.

Check out my YouTube Channel in the videos below. This is where I cover basic recording techniques, as well as gear reviews – amongst many other things!

Studio recording is our bread and butter here at Hop Pole Studios. It’s what we take pride in and get up in the morning to do.

Our room is large enough for a band to record simultaneously, and our isolated vocal booth is completely soundproofed. Using a combination of modern computer equipment and vintage BBC analogue inputs and a 40-channel desk, we aim to bring together the best of old and new and bring your tracks kicking and screaming to release quality.

Rates are competitive but we only work with select artists each year. Reach out via Discord if you're interested in recording with us.

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